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Understanding the key moments in your wedding day timeline | From a Traveling Wedding Photographer.

Most wedding day timelines break down into similar parts. Think of your wedding as a series of mini-photoshoots—each capturing an important, yet different snippet from your big day.

Most wedding days boil down to the following:

  • Getting Ready. This is the first and usually slowest part of the day. This is where we chat, photograph you getting ready, and typically where we capture our detail shots (rings, invitations, dress, ect.) PRO TIP: Have a box full of all your small details. The more stuff there is to photograph, the better.

  • First Look or Blind Touch. These are the bridal photos we take before the ceremony—either your first time seeing each other, or if you are a little more old school (like me)… a blind touch. This is where we photograph you together without y’all seeing each other. If you have bridal gifts to exchange, this is also the most magical and intimate time to do so.

  • The Ceremony. You will never guess what happens here… PRO TIP: Select a ceremony location that is either outdoors or has large windows. Light is a photographer’s best friend.

  • Family Formals. Directly after the ceremony (before people start celebrating too hard) is when you will want to do your family portraits. This is usually done in front of the altar, but it doesn’t have to be. Don’t forget to make an announcement at or before the ceremony reminding people to stay close for photos—you’d be surprised how many people wander off… PRO TIP: If you are able, select a location outside instead. Natural lighting is far superior to flash.

  • Bridal Party Portraits. These are portraits of you + your bridal party. These typically take place while your other guests begin cocktail hour. PRO TIP: Have fun with it! Plan fun things to do instead of posed photographs. Ask your photographer for more ideas.

  • Bride & Groom Portraits. I split my bridal portraits into 2 parts. Part 1 happens directly after bridal party photos (daylight). Part 2 is taken at sunset (golden hour). I feel this is best because it offers you a wide variety of lighting and breaks up the time in the spotlight.

  • Cocktail Hour. Once formal portraits are complete, let the candids begin!

  • Grand Entrance. Your first appearance as a married couple—show off your personalities & excitement! This is usually a series of really funny images from your bridal party and an epic shot of the newlyweds! PRO TIP: Clue your photographer in on any planned surprises.

  • Dinner. We will typically break for dinner, since no one wants photos of themselves eating… correct me if I’m wrong. PRO TIP: Feed your vendors. They will appreciate it!

  • Reception. We will capture a lot of candids, as well as photos of all the special events such as intros, toasts, first dances, cake cutting, bouquet toss, etc. PRO TIP: Rent our photo station! They are so fun & give your guests the ability to capture their own special memories at your wedding.

  • Grand Exit. Not everyone opts for a grand exit, BUT you should. These are typically my favorite images because they are GRAND–it’s in the name after all. Sparklers are always a winner, but I’ve seen traditional car send offs, confetti, guest tunnels and much more. Collaborate with your photographer for more personal ideas.

Creating a wedding day timeline with your photographer is necessary to map out all the memories you want captured. However, it is important to approach your wedding with the mentality that things will not go 100% as planned. So don’t panic if things need to be rearranged the day of.. We are well prepared for your wedding and will do everything in our power to make those moments happen for you! You are in great hands!

Hamer Visuals Photography Style | Portrait Photographer from North Georgia

If you know me personally, you know I am extra—especially when it comes to my photography style. I love colorful artwork with movement as the focal point. Posed photos are boring, so instead I focus my efforts into creating memories. If you are having fun and experiencing a real memory, that is way more powerful than a cheesy smile. That is how photographs become timeless—by tying emotions to the moment itself, not the actual photograph. Though, that is important too and we have for sure mastered the art of both!

Hamer Visuals Photography Mission | Traveling Wedding & Elopement Photographer

It is our mission to make amazing wedding photography available to couples all over the country. We price our packages to best accommodate our couples and their wedding day vision. All Hamer Visuals wedding collections are approached the same way, with the same attention to detail, same quality of editing, and same level of love—The only difference being in what we are capturing. Your wedding is our wedding, no matter how small.

A small traveling fee may apply if you are outside of our travel circle. We are a military family who travels frequently to Wisconsin, South Carolina, Tennessee, and many more locations. If you are not within out circle, we still travel to you—and no, it is not super expensive! Contact us at for a custom quote!

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