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Lindsey & Devon's Rustic Wedding Photography | Photographed at Gatherings on the Ridge, Eastman, WI

I had the honor of documenting Lindsey & Devon's union at Gatherings on the Ridge in Eastman, WI earlier this sum

mer. The girls got ready at a beautiful Airbnb overlooking the Mississippi River—which I didn't realize you can see from WI, very cool! Now I know. It rained all morning, but you would never know it by the photos. A common worry for brides-to-be is a rainy wedding day... but I am here to tell you rain on your wedding day really is GOOD LUCK! It's not just an old wives tale in my opinion. Rain adds a moodiness to your wedding photography that I am obsessed with. You will see what I mean as you scroll. Whenever future brides ask me for cloudy/rainy day examples, this will be the gallery I show them. Gorgeous!

Lindsey & Devon created a whimsical, rustic barn wedding fit for the big screen. Simple. Timeless. Full of character. The grounds at Gatherings on the Ridge were so charming—full of lush greenery and blooming flowers! I was in heaven as their photographer. No matter the direction, there was a beautiful backdrop to work with. Lindsey & Devon also had amazing style, which made their photos that much better!

I will always rave about a first look. There is just something so much more special about having a private meeting before you exchange vows. You get more intimate photographs, get rid of all the day-of-jitters, and you get a good luck kiss before the ceremony. Sounds like a win-win for everyone! Also...This cat made me smile while editing. Cutest photobomber ever!

Bride & Groom Portraits are quite literally my favorite part about every wedding—this is where all the magic happens! I walked them through every shot, though by the end they were posing like professional models. They killed nearly every frame and will have tons of photos to choose from because of it!

They opted for an outdoor wedding ceremony and I am all here for it! As a photographer, there is nothing like not having any boundaries to work within (like walls). This allowed me much more freedom to capture the ceremony from all different angles, while also not being a distraction during the exchanging of vows. Because of the set up, I was also able to get the kiss from the other angle, with your guests as the background. Scroll to see... I promise it's worth it!

Family Portraits are a must have at any wedding! I always recommend taking these outside. Lindsey & Devon had this stunning arch made for their ceremony and it was an obvious choice of background for their family photos. I love how the whole gallery ties together—super cohesive and such an inspiration for anyone else planning a rustic barn theme.

Lindsey, Devon, friends & family—thank you for putting up with all my ideas! Your wedding was truly a dream and I am so honored to help y'all remember this special time in your lives. Wish you a lifetime of happiness and can't wait to see where life takes the two of you! Be in touch. Your Photographer, — Sarah Hamer


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