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RATED ★★★★★ by our clients, who mean everything to us! Leave us a Google Review!

"Magnificent photographer! Extraordinarily prepared for the kiddos I have and brought props to make each shot special! The photos are one-of-a-kind and each hold a memory I will cherish forever!" — Dan H.

Picture Perfect Photos... Everytime!

Whether you are looking to create large artwork for your home or just looking to spice up your Instagram feed—Hamer Visuals is here to help you create unforgettable memories! And we will have stunning photographs to prove it! Your photographer, Sarah Hamer, has a creative eye that derives from a professional background in Graphic Design, Professional Lighting & Photography. We are experts in Photoshop with over 10 years experience in the industry—meaning your images will be photographed & edited to the highest standard! You are in great hands!


Why you NEED 
professional portraits by Hamer Visuals

With technology these days, taking photos has never been easier. So why invest in a professional photographer?
Here is what you are actually paying for:


Quality - Our images can be printed LARGE!

Vision - Coming up with the idea & organizing.

Artistry - The unique style in which photos are taken.

Poses - Someone to guide you to look your best.

Comic Relief - Someone to make you smile--but
we charge extra for that ;)

Color Correcting - Adjusting lighting/colors to best outcome.

Re-touching - Removing blemishes & clean up distractions.

Editing - Adding or rebuilding elements in image (ex. swapping heads or adding skies)


Basically, we promise picture perfect photos—you
just pick the frames! 

Don't like a smile? Swap it out with another frame!
No sun? We can fake it!

Special requests? Just ask ;)

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