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Meet Me

Sarah Hamer

Hi, my name is Sarah Hamer—your new go-to for everything creative! I am great at what I do because I am much more than just a photographer. I am an artist with over 15 years of creative experience & have mastered many digital mediums along the way! 


Being a Graphic Designer, creating eye-catching artwork is what I am formerly trained in. My expertise in design principles, typography, and color theory are additional skills that allow me to manipulate images to evoke emotion, tell stories, & make powerful impressions.  


Unlike most in the industry, I have been formally trained in studio photography, portraits, lighting, & editing. I’ve been a professional photographer for over a decade. My style is unique among a sea of pastel/bland artwork. Color is what breathes life into images—therefore, you can expect a rich, editorial style from me that is ahead of its time! 


Video is my oldest passion. Anyone can film something, but not everyone can capture a moment. It is something that is felt, not seen. It’s timing. It’s the motion. It’s the focus. It’s the intention. This is where I discovered my artistry that started all this.


Why you should...

Work with Me! 

Not to toot my own horn, but I'm really good at what I do! On top of that, I have had a very unusual life that has provided me a unique perspective and additional skill sets—perfect for out of the box style thinking! Here is what else you should know: 


Boy Mom

I am great with kids and know how to command the room when needed. Being a mom of 4 sons has prepared me for even the most challenging work environments. 


Luckily for you, I have very high standards, so you know you will get my maximum effort & quality service. I like things just so and will not settle for mediocrity.


I really like my job... therefore I spend nearly all my time working on my next project & am constantly perfecting my craft. All my clients are my priority!


I'm not interested in being average. Everything I do has to be a step up from the last thing I did. That's why my clients keep coming back!


Why we are...

Worth It!

Quality artwork is an investment! Good artwork isn't cheap & cheap artwork isn't good... but what makes artwork worth the price tag? That is a great question! Here are a few reasons:

Quality - Our images can be printed LARGE!

Vision - Coming up with the idea, organizing, & executing.

Artistry - The unique style that took decades to fine-tune.

Direction - Someone to guide you for the best results.

Comic Relief - Someone to make you smile--we charge extra for that ;)
Color Correcting - Adjusting lighting/colors to the best outcome.

Re-touching - Removing blemishes & clean up distractions.

Editing - Adding or rebuilding elements in an image without detection.


I live in Photoshop and have for the last few decades. It is my oldest passion and my most fine-tuned skill set. I literally can do anything in this program... try me.


I do not sway with the photography fads. I am a firm believer in capturing things in a way that will be felt—that will make you feel the butterflies even decades later! Crisp, colorful, & fun. 


I love LOVE stories, & I am very good at telling them through thought-provoking imagery! Every bride deserves an artist to over romanticize their wedding—someone to make sure it looks the way it felt! That's what I do best!


More often than not, my clients become lifelong friends. I get to document all the important moments in your life... that's a HUGE deal! My clients & their memories are super important to me!


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