Each session is curated for your individual wants & needs! If you have any questions, feel free to ask!


Pricing Summary

1. The Consultation


Great photography happens when you mesh well with your photographer and create a plan together! We will schedule a time to meet in person or over the phone. I want to learn more about you and why you have decided to capture stunning portraits of you or your family! We will create a plan before booking so you are fully confident in our vision!

Cost: Free

2. The Session


This is where the magic happens! Your session will take place at a location of your choosing. Consider the time of day while booking—do you want dreamy sunset colors or midday light? You can have unlimited outfit changes within your 90min session. I have a very relaxed, fun style and will coach you through your session so you look your best! 

Booking Fee: $199—$349

3. The Reveal Appointment

About 2 weeks following your session we will schedule a time to get together to review your final gallery and collect a print order! We will watch a stunning slideshow and review images individually. This can be done at your home if you would like assistance choosing prints for your walls!

Avg. Investment: $300—$3,000

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