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What to wear for Maternity Photos.

Finding something to wear on a daily basis can be an adventure—even more so when you are pregnant and preparing for your maternity photography session. Thankfully, you have me—mother of 4 and expert in design to help you look your best!

Things to wear:

  • Dresses: This is the superior option in my opinion. Especially one that is form fitting on top to show off baby with a long flowing bottom to bring motion into your images. This is usually the best option for comfort as well—breezes in all the right places ;) If you are having a session near water—strongly consider this as an option. It allows you to get into the water for some stunning images without totally ruining your outfit.

  • Belts: This is a great way to add more focus on your bump. We really want the fabric on your belly to be tight and form fitting. You can accomplish this usually on any outfit.

  • Solid Colors: This is generally the best option for most body types. Patterns are distracting because your surrounding are usually patterns (leaves, bricks, grass, etc.). A solid color makes you the focal point in a busy image—makes you stand out instead of blending in. Although... there is a time and a place to break that rule (ex. the ocean). If you are not sure, text me a pic and I will give you advice based on your specific session location.

  • Tight Clothing: Now, I know when I was pregnant with all my children I felt like a whale and the last thing I wanted to wear was clothing that emphasized my size. But as a photographer, I promise this actually gives you a smaller appearance and emphasizes your beautiful curves. At your session, I will pose you to your strengths—this is much easier to do if you wear form flattering clothing.

  • Timeless: Avoid trendy clothing that will go out of style. We want your images to be timeless and stylish forever, not just in this moment. So, keep it simple & classy.

  • Accessories: Wear accessories like hats, scarves, & jewelry. It is easy to take things off if they don't fit the vision. We can also swap out accessories for alternate versions—this is a great way to add variety to your final gallery.

  • 2 Outfits: You don't have to have 2 outfits, but you are welcome to bring an additional option. This is a great way to add variety to your session. It is also nice to have a backup, just in case.

  • Comfy Shoes: We will likely be walking around. Dress for the experience.

Things to avoid:

  • Clothing with text: This makes posing/editing harder and takes away from the high-end look we are going for. No logos either.

  • Fine Lines: Thin lines or patterns create an effect called Moiré. You don't want that in your images, trust me. It is not always something we can edit out. Some solid fabrics can create this effect as well if there are defined threads or a subtle underlaying texture. Typically suit jackets are guilty of doing this.

  • Bad Shoes: Your feet will be in some images. Be sure your shoes are aesthetically pleasing. If Dad will be in the photos as well, hide his grass-stained new balances in the back of the closet ;)

Overall, the best advice I can give you is to be yourself and wear something simple. Don't hesitate to reach our to your photographer if you need some additional guidance. We want you to look your best as well and are happy to chime in if need be. Have fun preparing for your session—can't wait to see how you look!

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